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We are an internationally respected, full-service marine management company, with the resources and experience to deliver tailored, cutting-edge solutions to clients of all sizes. Whether your goal is to expand or optimize existing operations, or start a new venture, HMS Global Maritime can provide the precise level of support you require — from project consulting to turn key management.


Founded and managed by maritime professionals with decades of combined experience, HMS Global Maritime has evolved into one of the industry’s premiere passenger vessel and marine management firms, known and respected for its safe vessel operations, excellent customer service, financial profitability of its clients’ ventures and uncompromising business ethics based on personal relationships.


Through the extensive experience and skills of its leadership team, in-depth regulatory knowledge, high-technology resources and sophisticated management programs, HMS Global Maritime can help ensure client success with any venture at any level.




HMS Ferries provides operation, maintenance and business management solutions to ferry operations throughout the United States. Contracts vary in vessel size, scope of work and operation, providing transportation to both passengers and vehicles.


Seaward Services provides customized support for new and existing operations requested by various government agencies, primarily divisions of the U.S. military. Current contracts span world-wide, executing a wide range of tasks.


HMS Consulting & Technical has the expertise and resources to provide customized solutions for existing or new venture operations including maritime business development, safety and training procedures and technical services.


American Queen Steamboat Company offers the opportunity to take part in Uniquely American River Cruises® through historic 9-day journeys through the great rivers of America’s heartland and the scenic Pacific Northwest.


Currently we operate approximately 100 vessels on a regular basis. Each of our contracts are unique, specific to the operation and vary in size and scope. Our clients are generally state, local and federal governments, departments of transportation and various divisions of the United States Military. We also serve both public and private entities throughout our four divisions, including guests traveling with American Queen Steamboat Company.


Want more information? Find out what is happening throughout the company in the Communicator, HMS Global Maritime’s monthly internal newsletter, or industry press releases. If you are in need of further information not addressed on our site, please contact us.