HMS Global Maritime | Our People
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Our People


See what some of our employees have to say about working at HMS Global Maritime.

“I have been able to embrace my job with HMS Global Maritime as I really feel my values are in line with the company mission statement. This company provides a service I am proud to be a part of”

Dennis Kula, Captain, Mobile Bay Ferries (HMS Ferries)



“HMS Global Maritime brings a level of expectation which makes us stand out worldwide. Being a part of that; being a contributor to that makes me proud to work here.”

Joe Kula, Captain, Mobile Bay Ferries (HMS Ferries)



“I find it a privilege to drive through the front gate to Naval Station Norfolk every morning, for me this will be as close to being in the Navy as I will ever get. I love all the work I do here at Seaward Services and get great enjoyment knowing I am depended on in several areas. What our team does here at V-47 is AMAZING!”

Nancy Allen, Warehouse Specialist, Norfolk Naval Station (Seaward Services)



“Being retired from the Navy, I like working on the many different projects that are intended to help improve our National Defense. I look forward to going to work every day, knowing that what we do, helps make America the Great Nation that it is.”

Sam Calabrese, Boat Captain A, Norfolk Naval Station (Seaward Services)



“I enjoy traveling and seeing new places as well as working alongside some great chefs and learning.”

Iesha Landers, Second Cook, American Queen (American Queen Steamboat Company)



“The coworkers are great! It’s just a safe, fun place to work.”

Damon Moore, Store Room Clerk, American Queen (American Queen Steamboat Company)



“Working on a steamboat is a unique experience and takes a certain type of person to be successful and happy onboard. This company is quick to recognize employees that work hard. Feeling like a valued employee is what makes this job worth every hour you put in. Being able to make an impact on someone’s vacation, the friendships that you make, the work experience you gain, are all reasons for staying onboard and employed with the American Queen.”

Crystal Cope, Purser, American Queen (American Queen Steamboat Company)


“Life on a boat is very much like the seasons, change is constant while structure remains. I believe I have thrived in my time onboard the American Queen. I can honestly say now that I feel secure as well as driven. A lot has changed since my start and I am proud to be a part of it. I have always been a traveler at heart and I have found that without some structure, motivation, and insurance it becomes difficult to get my feet too far off the ground. Working with the American Queen Steamboat Company has enriched my life with all of these. I will also remain grateful for my growth in work experience and opportunities as well as the genuine friendships I have made.”

Tiffany Taylor, Purser, American Queen (American Queen Steamboat Company)