HMS Global Maritime | Our Culture
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Our Culture


HMS Global Maritime is devoted to providing service excellence and ensuring our guests and clients receive a positive “on the water” experience, all while putting safety first. Our company understands that each employee plays an important role in our success and is vital in helping us provide service excellence to our clients and passengers.

Our founder, John W. Waggoner, built a company and culture upon a set of constant, guiding principles known as our core values. The culture of our company has established an environment ensuring our employees look forward to coming to work each day all while doing the right thing in our work and duties. The core values show dedication to our customers through outstanding service from a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team, top-of-mind safety awareness and a focus on environmental and social responsibility.


Safety First:  Our employees and customers are precious assets, and we must provide a safe environment for both.


Teamwork:  Every employee is a member of our team and contributes to our success and helps us build a world class company.


Integrity: Our success requires that we maintain our professional and corporate integrity at all times.


Innovation:  Since this value enhances our competitive advantage, we welcome new and experimental thinking/approaches from our employees.


Service Excellence:  The company believes all clients and guests deserve the finest service we can deliver.


Since we strongly believe employee satisfaction has a direct relation to the success of our company and guest satisfaction, our company values open communication and feedback from both employees and guests. Our employees, clients, and guests help consistently rank our company as one of the fastest growing companies. This would not be possible without our crew members looking forward to working each day and following the core values.  If our culture and growing organization sound of interest to you, search our job openings to help us chart success!