HMS Global Maritime | Oklahoma River Cruises
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Oklahoma River Cruises

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Project Specs:

Project Name: Oklahoma River Cruises
Client: Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA)
Operation: Ferry Service (April-December) & Charter Services (Year-Round)
Began Service: 2007

Vessel Description:

Name: M/V Explorer, M/V Pioneer, M/V Discovery
Size: 65′ LOA
Pax: 49 MAX
Speed: 17 kts. MAX // 10 kts. service speed
Builder: Scarano, Albany, NY

About the Client:

Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) provides public transportation service with diesel and alternative fuel buses, trolleys and ferry vessels. The vessels were custom built for the Oklahoma River, and the first of three was delivered in 2007.


Scope of Services:

The primary purpose of the vessels is to provide regularly scheduled ferry service to the public along a 7-mile stretch of the Oklahoma River, which is supported by two dams with locks.


First and foremost, HMS Global Maritime (HMSGM) is a vessel management company that was engaged by COTPA to insure that all aspects related to their maritime operation are managed professionally, safely and efficiently. Responsibilities include: all vessel, personnel and maintenance operations. HMSGM is driven to improve operations efficiency, maintain regulatory compliance, maximize capital asset value and show substantial annual ridership and revenue growth.

Strategic Partnership:

COTPA has come to regard their relationship with HMSGM as a strategic partnership rather than that of a customer/contractor. Due to the dynamic nature of COTPA’s operation, HMSGM understood that the original scope of the project would continue to evolve and now comprises: consulting on capital projects to enhance vessel operations, personnel training and standardized procedures for improved productivity, as well as strategic planning to help identify and develop new revenue opportunities. HMSGM has extended their services to include sales and marketing support, and are instrumental in design and implementation planning with river stakeholders, architects and city planners.


Oklahoma City is transforming its landscape, modernizing its infrastructure and is enjoying vivid new business development. The Oklahoma River is regarded as a core component to the city’s continued growth and expectations for Oklahoma River Cruises are high. COTPA knows, with HMS Global Maritime by their side, they are prepared to reach their highest goals.