HMS Global Maritime | Mobile Bay Ferry
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Mobile Bay Ferry

Mobile Bay, Alabama

Project Specs:

Project Name: HMS-Alabama
Client: Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT)
Operating Season: Year-round

Began Service: 2005

Vessel Description:

Name: Marissa Mae Nicole and Fort Morgan
Size: Marissa Mae Nicole – 112.5 ft., Fort Morgan – 140 ft.
Pax: Marissa Mae Nicole – 148, Fort Morgan – 149
Speed: Marissa Mae Nicole – 8 kts., Fort Morgan – 8 kts.
Builder: Conrad Industries, Morgan City, Louisiana.

About the Client:

HMS Global Maritime Inc. (HMSGM) is under an agreement with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). HMSGM provides insurance, turnkey management, crewing, sales, construction management and maintenance management, as well as marketing for the Mobile Bay Ferry, a two-boat operation in Mobile Bay, Alabama. Established in 2005 and contracted through 2015, these vessels collectively operate 365 days a year and carry more than 60,000 vehicles.


Our performance on this project led ALDOT and HMSGM into an existing agreement to serve the people of Camden County, Alabama and their Gees Bend Ferry operation.


Currently, HMSGM operates the Fort Morgan and Marissa Mae Nicole in Mobile Bay.