HMS Global Maritime | Message from the President & CEO
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Dear Friend,


For centuries, seafarers used the North Star to guide them. By sighting Polaris – a bright reference constantly pointing the way true north – sailors could reliably navigate to their destination.


When I started Hornblower Marine Services (HMS) in 1994, now HMS Global Maritime, I had a vision of building a world-class company, superior in our market segments. To get there, I knew we’d need our own North Star – a set of constant, guiding principles that would enable us to chart a steady course forward.


Our guiding principles have always been dedication to our customers through outstanding service from a knowledgeable, enthusiastic team, top-of-mind safety awareness and a focus on environmental and social responsibility.


I’m proud to say that through an unwavering commitment to these guiding principles, we’ve built a world-class company charting success for clients on a global scale, and we’re still building.


I invite you to get to know us better. Make HMS Global Maritime the North Star that helps guide you where you want to go.


All the best,


John W. Waggoner

President and CEO, HMS Global Maritime