HMS Global Maritime | HMSGM Communicator: February 2015
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HMSGM Communicator: February 2015

I hope January has treated you well and that February will do the same. Each month, I love getting to hear what is going on within each of our divisions and hope each of you find it enlightening. Thank you to all who contribute and help me to gather information. I couldn’t do it without you! Below is the February Communicator full of information from around our company.


What’s inside:

John Waggoner: A Great Speech and A Great Message
Our Gee’s Bend site is full of rich history and traditions
Seaward Services reviews the importance of self-reporting of personal activities
American Queen is currently receiving several renovations and updates
Easy and quick ways to fit in exercise throughout the day
Meet Linda Byers, who recently joined our AQSC HR team as the Recruitment & Employment Coordinator for the American Empress



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