HMS Global Maritime | Governors Island Ferry
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Governors Island Ferry

New York, New York

Project Specs:

Project Name: Governors Island Ferry Service
Client: The Trust for Governors Island
Began Service: October 2012
Operating Season: Year-round with public access during the summer

Vessel Description:

Name: Lt. Samuel S. Coursen // Swivel (WTYL-65603)
Size: Lt. Samueal S. Coursen – 172.5 feet // Swivel – 64 feet
Capacity: Lt. Samuel S. Coursen – 1,242 passengers & 50 vehicles // Swivel – 12 passengers
Speed: Lt. Samuel S. Coursen – 12 knots // Swivel 8 knots

Builder: Lt. Samuel S. Coursen – John H. Mathis Co. NY (1956) // Swivel – Gibbs Gas Engine Co. FL (1961)

About the Client:

The Trust for Governors Island is a non-profit corporation controlled and funded by the City of New York. The Trust is responsible for the planning, redevelopment and ongoing operation of 150 acres of Governors Island, while the National Park Service (NPS) manages 12 acres designated as a National Monument. The Trust is working with an array of stakeholders to facilitate the redevelopment of Governors Island and to enhance the island’s role as a vital and integral part of New York City and the region.

Scope of Service:

Ferry service to Governors Island provides passenger and vehicle access for administrators and staff of The Trust and NPS. Ferry service also provides access to companies and contractors working on the maintenance and redevelopment of the island. During the summer months (May through September), passenger-only service is provided on the weekends to the public. As Governors Island continues to emerge as a public access destination, ferry service will be expanded.