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We believe our employees and crew members are our most important assets and strive to provide a work environment that ensures employees look forward to coming to work everyday. Please use this portion of our website as an employee resource for information about the company, programs and benefits.


Dear Crewmembers,


Employees have the opportunity to access earnings statements and W-2 forms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week online via Paycor. In order to access and update your information, you will need to register for a username via the Paycor website. The general steps are listed below, and you can obtain the access code from your respective Division HR Manager, payroll, or work location.


  1. From click “Sign In”. Skip the User Name and Password fields. Click the “Register for a User Name and Password” link below the Sign In area.
  2. On the “Tell us who you are: page: enter your Last Name and Access Code. The Access Code can be obtained from your Division HR Manager, Payroll, or work location. Click the “continue” button.
  3. On the “We need more information” page enter your Social Security Number and Birth Date. Click the “continue” button.
  4. If you already have a Paycor account, sign in and Paycor will add your new registration information to your existing account. If this is your first Paycor account, click the “continue” button.
  5. On the “Create username and password” page: enter a User Name, Password, and Email Address. Click the “continue” button.
  6. Paycor will send a confirmation message to the email address you provided. Enter the Email Code. Click the “continue” button.
  7. On the “Change your security questions” page: select your Security Questions and enter your Answers. Click the “Save” button.
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully registered.


Sincerely yours,


HMS Global Maritime Payroll/Human Resources Department


The company 401(k) plan is administered by John Hancock. Participation requires employees to be at least 21 years of age and have at least one full year of service with the company.