HMS Global Maritime | American Queen
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American Queen

Memphis, Tennessee

Project Specs:

Project Name: American Queen
Began Service: April 2012
Guest Capacity: 428
Crew Capacity: 172
Staterooms: 218

Vessel Description:

Name: American Queen
Length: 418 feet
Beam: 85 feet
Decks: 6
Speed: Maximum, 16 mph; cruising, 8 mph


The American Queen is the image of history and a culture rooted deep in the development of this nation. Inspired from palatial 19th-century Mississippi steamers, the American Queen personifies both elegance and style. At 418-feet long and 89-feet wide, the American Queen is the largest steamboat in the world and cost $57 million to construct.


This floating Victorian Palace is lavishly designed to take you back to a time when life was both slower and easier. From its finely crafted hardwood fixtures to grand furnishings and gleaming brass details, the American Queen will bring history to you and send you on a ‘Voyage to America.’


Built in 1995, the American Queen offers an All-American river cruise experience that is unmatched from its elegant staterooms to its vintage Grand Saloon. With 222 staterooms and a capacity for 436 guests and a crew of 160, the American Queen truly is in a league of its own.


Divided into six decks, the steamboat gives you something to explore at each turn.


Among the ten public rooms, the American Queen contains four bars/lounges, a full-service spa, a movie theatre, shops, a library, fitness center, swimming pool and gallery. No matter your interests, the American Queen contains it.


While onboard, guests will retire to spacious staterooms, enjoy elegant and upscale dining experiences that celebrate regional cuisine, enjoy a variety of nightly entertainment and dancing and have access to a ‘Riverlorian’ who specializes in the history of the Mississippi River, its tributaries and port cities.


These river crossroads are what America is truly about. It represents the freedoms, simplicity of life and the adventure lived by those that came before us. It represents our history and our heritage in the discovery of OUR America.

  • Premium hotel stay begins your journey
  • Exquisite multi-course fine dining with specialty and casual options
  • Broadway-caliber entertainment each evening
  • Award-winning, comprehensive shore excursions in each port of call
  • Complimentary cappuccino, espresso, bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage
  • Iconic paddlewheel steamboat
  • Gracious service from a friendly, all-American staff
  • Daily lectures by the Riverlorian, our onboard history and culture expert
  • Our own dedicated fleet of luxury motorcoaches